Manufactured from strong, highly robust metal, we believe our versatile, high quality sheds are the best choice when it comes to outside storage.

As the designers and manufacturers of the Trimetals range, there’s lots we can say about the superiority of our sheds. Equally, the customer comments we receive attest to how pleased our customers are with their purchases.

However, industry expert opinion brings an additional level of endorsement, which is what makes our association with the following organisations so important. We feel that our membership of the associations detailed below lends further authority to our descriptions of the long-lasting utility of our high quality sheds.

Trimetals products really do offer the highest level of hard-wearing quality and the best value for money in the market, and our involvement with leading industry associations further supports this. We’ll take a look at each organisation below, to explain exactly what each membership should mean to you, the customer.


Trimetals is a full member of the British Holiday and Home Parks Association.

The British Holiday and Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) represents the interests and needs of the owners and managers of the owners and managers of UK holiday, residential, tenting and touring parks. In this capacity, the BH&HPA politically lobbies, and offers advice and guidance, an expert promotional service, and a community for like-minded owners and managers to share ideas and tips.

As a full member of such a prestigious organisation, Trimetals is better able to react to the needs and requirements of the park owning and managing community, allowing us to improve the design of our products, while keeping specification in line with the exacting needs of one of the industries that demands the highest levels of performance from our products.

There’s always a need for versatile, durable outdoor storage for the members of the BH&HPA, and at Trimetals, we like to make sure that we’re best serving the needs and supporting the interests of some of our most discerning customers.


Trimetals is a full member of The National Caravan Council (NCC).

The National Caravan Council (NCC) is a UK trade body that supports the motorhome, tourer, park home and holiday home industry, assisting its members by working on lobbying and government relations, providing advice on legal, financial and technical issues, and analysing and disseminating relevant statistics and data.

As a full member of such a prominent industry organisation, Trimetals benefits from the knowledge and experience of its members, gaining a deeper understanding of their needs and requirements.

With this information, we are better able to design products that best serve fellow members of the NCC, and their customers. This reciprocal relationship with the industry leaders in one of our largest market areas is good news for everyone involved, and translates to higher quality sheds and outdoor storage solutions for our customers.


Trimetals is a full member of The Federation of Garden and Leisure Equipment Exporters Ltd (GARDENEX)

As the UK’s Federation of Garden and Leisure Manufacturers, Gardenex provides a number of crucial services to the industry, such as discounts and representation at trade shows, chances to meet new buyers, legal advice, and press support. Gardenex also takes a role in legislation, lobbying the government on issues and laws that affect its members.

Membership of Gardenex has provided Trimetals with strengthened ties to the garden and leisure industry’s top manufacturers, while also allowing them to better communicate with us. This greater contact with the industry has allowed us to better design our products to meet the specification of those who truly know the features and attributes that constitute a quality shed or outdoor solution. Through this collaborative approach, Trimetals continues to work with other leading garden and leisure manufacturers, to make the best, highest specification products possible for customers.